Dale Tempest: Lions won't lose

Dale Tempest has three best bets this week, where he's backing cards at Old Trafford, Everton to thrive at the Emirates and going big on Millwall.

Leicester deny Lallana move

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers has denied making a move for Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana, who is out of contract this summer.

Saturday's Premier League tips

Mark your card for Saturday's Premier League games with George Pitts providing a best bet and score prediction for each clash.

VAR offside: Where to draw the line?

Paul Higham says it's time for everyone to stop complaining about the offside law and accept VAR brings in a level of consistency everyone craved.

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Ronaldo's Barca & Real reflections

Brazil legend Ronaldo talks about his time playing in Spain, in particular his disappointment at effectively being let go by Barcelona before his return to LaLiga as a superstar in Real Madrid's 'Galaticos'.

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