India’s Rohit Sharma is bowled by England's James Anderson
India’s Rohit Sharma is bowled by England's James Anderson

Sporting Life tipping record: How our recommended bets performed

A look at how the Sporting Life recommended bets performed in September 2021.

Points system explained

We use a points system, ranging from 0.5 to 10, to help underline confidence in a selection and to help you weight your stakes. In other words, if your maximum bet is £100 and your normal bet is £10, you might have £10 on a 1pt win selection, £10 each-way for 1pt each-way, £20 for 2pts win, and so on.

Points staked also enable us to keep a fully transparent P&L, which you'll see below, but should be considered a guide only. Only bet what you can afford, and if you are concerned about your gambling please call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133, or visit

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Profit since start of 2003 until start of current month (September 2021) is +3701.23 points.

  • September fixed-odds total = -71.74pts
  • September antepost total = -6.00pts
  • September overall total = -77.74pts


Punting Pointers (Sep 30) - 1pt e.w Black Medick in 2.45 Lingfield at 10/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3), 1pt win Arzaak in 5.35 Lingfield at Betfair SP. PROFIT=8pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 29) - 0.5pts win Typical Woman in 2.00 Nottingham at 100/1 (bet365); 1pt win Love Trophy Power in 5.00 Kempton at 4/1 (General). LOSS=1.5pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 28) - 1pt win Big Les in 1.35 Ayr at 9/1 (General), 1pt win Captain Jack in 5.00 Worcester at 10/1 (General). PROFIT=8pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 27) - 1pt win El Erayg in 3.20 Hamilton at 11/2 (General); 1.5pts win Firewater in 4.20 Hamilton at 7/1 (General). VOID

Punting Pointers (Sep 26) - 1pt win Haunted Dream in 2.10 Ffos Las at 12/1 (General); 1pt e.w. Red Derek in 4.50 Ffos Las at 14/1 (Sky Bet 1/5 1,2,3,4,5); 1pt win The Daley Express in 5.20 Ffos Las at 11/2 (bet365). LOSS=4pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 25) - 0.5pts e.w Jean Baptiste in 3.40 Newmarket at 66/1 (Bet365 1/5 1,2,3,4,5), 1pt win Addosh in 2.45 Market Rasen at 12/1 (General), 1pt e.w The Raven's Return in 5.00 Market Rasen at 13/2 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4). PROFIT=9pts

Simon Holt (Sep 25) - 1pt win Eve Lodge in 2.25 Newmarket at 25/1 (bet365), 1pt win Asymmetric in 3.00 Newmarket at 8/1 (bet365), 1pt win Majestic Dawn in 3.40 Newmarket at 20/1 (bet365, Hills), 1pt e.w Bell Rock in 3.40 Newmarket at 33/1 (General 1/5, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7). LOSS=5pts

Ben Linfoot ITV Tips (Sep 25) - 1pt win Be Proud in 2.40 Haydock at 8/1 (General), 1pt win Long Tradition in 3.40 Newmarket at 14/1 (General). LOSS=2pts

Value Bet (Sep 25) - 1pt e.w. Thunder Love in 2.25 Newmarket at 28/1 (William Hill 1/5 1,2,3,4); 1pt win Go Bears Go in 3.00 Newmarket at 9/1 (bet365); 0.5pts e.w. Jean Baptiste in 3.40 Newmarket at 80/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7); 1pt e.w. Bell Rock in 3.40 Newmarket at 50/1 (William Hill 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7). LOSS=6pts

Fran Berry (Sep 24) - 1pt e.w. Rosie Rock in 4.45 Dundalk at 13/2 (Paddy Power, Betfair 1/5 1,2,3,4); 1pt win Resourceful Man in 5.45 Dundalk at 11/2 (Paddy Power, Betfair); 2pts Livia Celeste in 6.15 Dundalk at 15/8 (General). LOSS=5pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 24) - 1pt win Maamora in 1.50 Newmarket at 9/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair, BetVictor); 1pt e.w. Romantic Time in 3.00 Newmarket at 10/1 (Sky Bet 1/5 1,2,3,4); 1pt win Getabuck in 2.17 Worcester at 8/1 (bet365, Paddy Power, BetVictor). LOSS=4pts

Simon Holt (Sep 24) - 1pt win Mr Wagyu in 2.05 York at 7/2 (General); 1pt win Majestic Glory in 3.00 Newmarket at 3/1 (General); 1pt win Benbatl in 3.35 Newmarket at 3/1 (bet365, BoyleSports). PROFIT=1pt

Value Bet (Sep 24) - 1pt win Ready To Venture in 1.50 Newmarket at 20/1 (bet365); 1pt win La Rav in 2.40 York at 16/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair). LOSS=2pts

Ben Linfoot ITV Tips (Sep 24) - 1pt win Sayyida in 2.25 Newmarket at 6/1 (Hills, Bet Victor). LOSS=1pt

Punting Pointers (Sep 23) - 1pt win Eileendover in 3.20 Newmarket at 6/1 (General), 0.5pts win Torcello in 3.55 Newmarket at 12/1 (General). LOSS=1.5pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 22) - 1pt e.w. Sweet Madness in 1.30 Redcar at 13/2 (Sky Bet 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6). PROFIT=7.80pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 21) - 1pt win Isthebaropen in 3.20 Warwick at 7/2 (General, 30p R4), 1pt win Vivas in 3.55 Warwick at 10/3 (General). PROFIT=1.45pts

Weekend View (Sep 25) - 1pt Nugget in 2.05 Haydock at 8/1 (William Hill). 1pt e.w. Spirit Dancer in 3.40 Newmarket at 25/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair 1/5 1,2,3,4,5). 1pt e.w. Chichester in 3.40 Newmarket at 33/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair 1/5 1,2,3,4,5). PROFIT=4pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 20) - 1pt win Hurricane Helen in 2.00 Leicester at 11/2 (William Hill); 1pt win Roman Power in 3.45 Leicester at 10/1 (General). LOSS=2pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 18) - 1pt e.w Blackrod in 2.30 Ayr at 9/2 (General - 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6). 1pt Khaadem in 2.15 Newbury at 4/1 (General). 1pt win King Of Clubs in 3.25 Newbury at 11/2 (Betfair & Paddy Power). 1pt e.w Melayu Kingdom in 4.00 Newbury at 22/1 (Sky Bet - 1/5 1,2,3,4). LOSS=4.1pts

Mark Howard (Sep 18) - 2pts King Of York in 1.20 Ayr at 9/2 (General); 2pts Mobadra 1.30 Newmarket at 6/4 (William Hill); 1pt Hong Kong Harry in 4.15 Ayr at 6/1 (General); 2pts Love Is Golden in 4.45 Catterick at 5/4 (William Hill). LOSS=7pts

Simon Holt (Sep 18) - 1pt win Hurricane Ivor in 2.15 Newbury at 9/2 (General); 1pt win Rishes Baar in 3.05 Ayr at 9/1 (General); 1pt win King Of Clubs in 3.25 Newbury at 11/2 (General); 1pt win Wobwobwob in 4.50 Ayr at 14/1 (General). PROFIT=1.5pts

Value Bet (Sep 18) - 1pt win Tinto in 2.30 Ayr at 28/1 (General); 1pt win Soldier's Minute at 25/1 (General); 1pt win Further Measure in 3.25 Newbury at 14/1 (bet365); 1pt win Edraak in 3.40 Ayr at 25/1 (General); 1pt win Volatile Analyst in 3.40 Ayr at 40/1 (General); 1pt win Maglev in 4.00 Newbury at 8/1 (bet365). LOSS=6pts

Fran Berry (Sep 17) - 1pt e.w. Jack Berry House in 6.15 Dundalk at 7/1 (Sky Bet 1/5 1,2,3,4); 1pt e.w. Time And Money in 7.15 Dundalk at 14/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair 1/5 1,2,3,4). LOSS=1.60pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 17) - 1pt win Tweet Tweet in 2.45 Ayr at 5/1 (bet365); 0.5pts e.w. Ghathanfar in 3.20 Ayr at 20/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6); 1pt win Bavardages in 4.30 Ayr at 10/1 (bet365); 1pt win Tahonta in 5.00 Ayr at Betfair SP. LOSS=1.50pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 16) - 1pt win Poet's Magic in the 14:25 Ayr at 7/2 (General); 1pt each-way Chichester in the 16:45 Ayr at 17/2 (Sky Bet 1/5 1,2,3,4,5). PROFIT=9.20pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 15) - 1pt win Sound Reason in 3.10 Beverley at 3/1 (bet365); 1pt e.w. Italian Breeze in 3.40 Beverley at 7/1 (Sky Bet 1/5 1,2,3,4,5). LOSS=3pts

Fran Berry (Sep 14) - 1pt e.w Umneyaat in 4.05 Punchestown at 11/1 (General - 1/5 1,2,3,4). LOSS=2pts

Weekend View (Sep 18) - 1pt win King Of Clubs in 3.25 Newbury at 9/1 (William Hill). 1pt win Boomshalaa in 3.40 Ayr at 20/1 (Betfair & Paddy Power). 3pts win Dhabab in 4.00 Newbury at 3/1 (Sky Bet & Unibet). 1pt win Cruyff Turn in 4.15 Ayr at 10/1 (Sky Bet). LOSS=6pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 14) - 0.5pt e.w Deftera Lad in 4.50 Wolverhampton at 22/1 (General - 1/5 1,2,3,4). 1pt e.w Perthshire in 6.50 Wolverhampton at 6/1 (General - 1/5 1,2,3,4). LOSS=3pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 13) - 1pt e.w. Pneumatic in 1.30 Thirsk at 7/1 (Betfair 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6). PROFIT=0.4pt

Antepost Value Bet (Sep 25) - 1pt e.w. Irish Admiral in bet365 Cambridgeshire at 20/1 (Sky Bet, Paddy Power, Betfair 1/5 1,2,3,4,5). LOSS=2pts

Fran Berry (Sep 12) - 1pt win Dragon Symbol in 2.55 Curragh at 7/2 (General); 1pt e.w. Baron Samedi in 4.40 Curragh at 11/2 (1/5 1,2,3,4); 1pt e.w. Finans Bay in 5.45 Curragh at 10/1 (William Hill 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6). PROFIT=0.10pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 12) - 1pt e.w. Red Alert in 3.55 Bath at at 8/1 (bet365 1/4 1,2,3); 1pt win Lady Elysia in 4.30 Bath at 9/1 (General). LOSS=3pts

Simon Holt (Sep 12) - 1pt win Flaming Lord in 5.30 Haydock at 8/1 (Sky Bet). 1pt win Arabian Romance in 6.00 Haydock at 5/1 (General). 1pt win Snowalot in 6.55 Haydock at 11/2 (Bet365). LOSS=3pts

Fran Berry (Sep 11) - 2pts win Mother Earth in 1.40 Leopardstown at 11/8 (Betfair, Paddy Power & Unibet). 1pt e.w Fev Rover in 2.10 Leopardstown at 11/1 (General - 1/5 1,2,3,4). 1pt e.w Riot in 4.20 Leopardstown at 11/2 (BetVictor & BetFred - 1/5 1,2,3,4,5). LOSS=0.7pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 11) - 0.5pts e.w Embour in 1.45 Doncaster at 33/1 (Betfair/Paddy Power - 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6). 1pt Danyah in 3.00 Doncaster at 5/2 (General). 1pt win Wells Farhh Go in 2.00 Chester at 12/1 (General). LOSS=3pts

Ben Linfoot ITV Tips (Sep 11) - 1pt win Boundless Power in 1.45 Doncaster at 14/1 (bet365), 1pt win Hasanabad in 2.35 Chester at 11/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair, BetVictor). LOSS=2pts

Simon Holt (Sep 11) - 1pt win Hurricane Ivor in 1.45 Doncaster at 13/2 (bet365); 1pt win Mancini in 2.35 Chester at 5/2 (General); 1pt win Glorious Journey in 3.00 Doncaster at 3/1 (General). PROFIT=8.53pts

Value Bet (Sep 11) - 1pt win Mid Winster in 1.45 Doncaster at 20/1 (VOID); 1pt win Supakalanistic in 2.35 Chester at 16/1 (General); 1pt e.w. The Mediterranean in 3.35 Doncaster at 20/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3). PROFIT=2pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 10) - 1.5pts win Ribhi in 1.40 Doncaster at at 4/1 (General); 1pt e.w. Bernardo O'Reilly in 3.45 Doncaster at 12/1 (Sky Bet 1/5 1,2,3,4,5). LOSS=0.10pts

Value Bet (Sep 10) - 1pt win Korker in 2.10 Doncaster at 33/1 (General); 1pt win Sovereign Duke in 3.15 Doncaster at 14/1 (General); 1pt win Bernardo O’Reilly in 3.45 Doncaster at 14/1 (bet365). LOSS=3pts

Simon Holt (Sep 10) - 1pt win Rhythmic Intent in 3.15 Doncaster at 10/1 (General); 1pt win Desert Doctor in 3.45 Doncaster at 8/1 (BetVictor). PROFIT=8pts

Ben Linfoot ITV Tips (Sep 10) - 2pts e.w Kimifive in 3.45 Doncaster at 12/1 (Sky Bet 1/5 1,2,3,4,5). LOSS=4pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 9) - 1pt win Mountain Brave in 1.10 Doncaster at 6/1 (Bet365), 1pt win Devilwala in 3.45 Doncaster at 18/1 (Betfred, Bet Victor). LOSS=2pts

Value Bet (Sep 9) - 1pt win Prism in 1.40 Doncaster at 12/1 (General); 0.5pts Symphony Perfect in 2.10 Doncaster at 12/1 (bet365); 0.5pts Symphony Perfect in 2.10 Doncaster at SP. LOSS=2pts

Ben Linfoot ITV Tips (Sep 9) - 1pt win Jazz Club in 2.10 Doncaster at 6/1 (General); 1pt win Yesyes in 3.15 Doncaster at 11/2 (bet365, William Hill); 1pt e.w. double Jazz Club & Yesyes at above prices (Hills 1/5 1,2,3,4,5 (2.10), 1/5 1,2,3 (3.15)). PROFIT=0.62pts

Simon Holt (Sep 9) - 1pt win Harrow in 2.10 Doncaster at 9/2 (General); 1pt win Tribal Craft in 3.15 Doncaster at 17/2 (William Hill, BetVictor); 1pt win Seven Brothers in 3.45 Doncaster at 14/1 (bet365). PROFIT=2.5pts

Fran Berry (Sep 8) - 1pt e.w. Going In Style in 7.05 Cork at 7/1 (Betfair Sportsbook 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6). LOSS=1pt

Fran Berry (Sep 11) - 1pt e.w. Interpretation in Cazoo St Leger at 20/1 (Betfred, Betway 1/5 1,2,3). LOSS=2pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 8) - 0.5pts win and place Stripe Of Honour in 1.00 Uttoxeter at Betfair SP, 1pt win Snow Stoppin Him in 1.30 Uttoxeter at 20/1 (Hills, Bet Victor). LOSS=1.5pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 6) - 1pt e.w Chairman Power in 1.50 Goodwood at 8/1 (Bet365 - 1/4 1,2,3,4), 1pt win Just That Lord in 5.15 Windsor at 15/2 (Bet365), 1pt win Zhang Fei in 6.45 Windsor at 9/1 (Bet365). PROFIT=4.5pts

Weekend View (Sep 11) - 1pt Mondammej in 1.45 Doncaster at 12/1 (General). 1pt Throne Hall in 2.00 Chester at 16/1 (Betfair & Paddy Power). 1pt Arrow Of Gold in 2.35 Chester at 10/1 (William Hill). LOSS=3pts.

Punting Pointers (Sep 6) - 1pt win Roman Power in 1.00 Brighton at 16/1 (General). LOSS=1pt

Punting Pointers (Sep 5) - 1pt win Desert Gulf in 2.40 York at Betfair SP; 0.5pts place Desert Gulf in 2.40 York at Betfair SP (1,2,3). LOSS=1.5pts

Fran Berry (Sep 4) - 1pt e.w Evergreen And Red in 4.10 Navan at 5/1 (Sky Bet, Paddy Power 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6), 1pt e.w Belgoprince in 4.45 Navan at 16/1 (Sky Bet, Hills, BetVictor 1/5 1,2,3,4). LOSS=2pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 4) - 1pt e.w Indianapolis in 2.55 Haydock at 9/1 (Sky Bet, Betfair Sportsbook, 1/5 1,2,3,4,5), 1pt e.w Chil Chil in 3.30 Haydock at 16/1 (Sky Bet, Paddy Power, Betfair Sportsbook 1/5 1,2,3,4), 1pt win Fortamour in 4.55 Ascot at 5/1 (bet365, Paddy Power, Betfair Sportsbook). LOSS=0.8pts

Simon Holt (Sep 4) - 1pt win Rhythmic Intent in 2.55 Haydock at 8/1 (William Hill); 1pt win Champagne Piaff in 3.10 Ascot at 7/1 (General); 1pt win Hieronymus in 3.15 Kempton at 10/1 (General). LOSS=2pts

Value Bet (Sep 4) - 1pt win Contact in 2.20 Haydock at 12/1 (General); 1pt win Stay Well in 3.10 Ascot at 11/1 (General); 1pt win Emaraaty Ana without Starman in 3.30 Haydock at 8/1 (bet365); 1pt win Silver Samurai in 3.45 Ascot at 12/1 (General); 1pt win Get It in 4.05 Haydock at 12/1 (Sky Bet, William Hill). PROFIT=4pts

ITV Tips (Sep 4) - 1pt win Candleford in 3.10 Ascot at 15/2 (General), 1pt e.w Emaraaty Ana in 3.30 Haydock at 18/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4). PROFIT=20.6pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 3) - 1pt win Louie De Palma in 4.10 Ascot at 9/2 (General); 1pt win Victory Angel in 7.30 Pontefract at 12/1 (General). LOSS=2pts

Fran Berry (Sep 2) - 1pt win Ratib in 5.45 Clonmel at 9/2 (General), 1pt win Prisoners Dilemma in 4.00 Dundalk at 13/2 (bet365), 1pt win Resourceful Man in 5.00 Dundalk at 9/2 (General). PROFIT=2.5pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 2) - 1pt win Silent Flame in 3.05 Salisbury at 7/1 (Bet365, 6/1 General), 1pt win Percy Prosecco in 5.25 Haydock at 7/1 (Bet365, Betfair Sportsbook, 13/2 General), 0.5pt win Chief Craftsman in 5.25 Haydock at 11/1 (Bet365, Hills, BetVictor, 10/1 General). LOSS=2.50pts

Punting Pointers (Sep 1) - 1pt e.w. Uno Mas in 1.50 Uttoxeter at 14/1 (Sky Bet, Betfair 1/5 1,2,3,4,5). PROFIT=16.80pts


West Ham v Rapid Vienna (Sep 30) - 1pt West Ham to win to nil at 11/10 (BetVictor, Mansion Bet). PROFIT=1.1pts

Tottenham v NS Mura (Sep 30) - 1pt Tottenham to win and Under 3.5 Goals at 11/10 (Bet365). LOSS=1pt

Celtic v Bayer Leverkusen (Sep 30) - 1pt Bayer Leverkusen to win and Both Teams to Score at 5/2 (General). LOSS=1pt

Legia Warsaw v Leicester (Sep 30) - 1pt Leicester to win and BTTS 'Yes' at 13/5 (Bet365). LOSS=1pt

Sparta Prague v Rangers (Sep 30) - 2.5pts Under 2.5 Goals at 10/11 (Bet365). PROFIT=2.27pts

Championship Wednesday (Sep 29) - 1.5pts Fulham to win to nil v Swansea at 11/8 (Betfred), 1.5pts Both teams to score 'no' in Barnsley v Nottingham Forest at 5/6 (BetVictor, Mansion Bet). LOSS=3pts

Manchester United v Villarreal (Sep 29) - 2pts Villarreal to win card handicap (0) at 5/4 (Bet365). PROFIT=2.5pts

Juventus v Chelsea (Sep 29) - 1.5pts César Azpilicueta to have 3+ tackles at 5/4 (Ladbrokes), 1pt Mateo Kovacic to have 1+ right footed shots on target at 11/2 (Sky Bet). LOSS=2.5pts

Wolfsburg v Sevilla (Sep 29) - 1pt Diego Carlos to score anytime at 18/1 (William Hill). LOSS=1pt

Bayern Munich v Dynamo Kyiv (Sep 29) - 1pt e.w. Joshua Kimmich to score first at 22/1 (bet365) (1/3 1-99). LOSS=2pts

AC Milan v Atletico Madrid (Sep 28) - 1.5pts Under 2.5 Goals at 10/13 (Mansion Bet), 1pt AC Milan most corners taken at 13/8 (Sky Bet). LOSS=2.5pts

Porto v Liverpool (Sep 28) - 2.5pts Liverpool to win at 10/13 (Mansion Bet). PROFIT=1.92pts

PSG v Manchester City (Sep 28) - 1pt e.w. Joao Cancelo to score first at 40/1 (1/3 1-99) (bet365), 1pt Achraf Hakimi to be shown a card at 4/1 (Unibet). LOSS=3pts

Crystal Palace v Brighton (Sep 27) - 1pt Cheikhou Kouyate to be shown a card at 11/2 (bet365), 0.5pts Cheikhou Kouyate & Joel Veltman to be shown a card at 40/1 (bet365). LOSS=1.5pts

Arsenal v Tottenham (Sep 26) - 2pts Son Heung-min to have 1+ offsides at 11/10 (Sky Bet, Ladbrokes), 1pt Harry Kane to score from outside the area at 16/1 (Sky Bet), 1pt Dele Alli to have 3+ tackles at 3/1 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=0.2pts

Serie A tips (Sep 25) - 1pt Both Teams To Score ‘NO’ in Spezia v AC Milan at 5/4 (BetVictor), 1pt Both Teams To Score ‘NO’ in Inter v Atalanta at 6/4 (BetVictor). LOSS=2pts

Southampton v Wolves (Sep 26) - 2pts 40+ Booking Points at 10/11 (Sky Bet). LOSS=2pts

La Liga tips (Sep 25-26) - 1.5pts Sevilla to keep a clean sheet v Espanyol at Evens (Sky Bet), 2.5pts Barcelona to win with -1 handicap v Levante at Evens (Sky Bet). PROFIT=4pts

Brentford v Liverpool (Sep 25) - 1.5pts Over 6.5 Liverpool Corners at Evens (Sky Bet), 1.5pts Liverpool -3 Corners on the three-way handicap at 11/10 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=3.15pts

Bundesliga tips (Sep 25) - 1pt e.w. Matthias Ginter to score first in Borussia Mönchengladbach v Borussia Dortmund at 40/1 (Sky Bet 1/3 1-99). LOSS=2pts

Ligue 1 tips (Sep 25-26) - 1.5pts Nice to beat St Etienne at 13/10 (Mansion Bet, William Hill), 1.5pts PSG to win and Both Teams to Score v Montpellier at 7/5 (BetVictor), 1pt Half-time Correct Score 0-0 in Marseille v Lens at 2/1 (Bet365, Sky Bet). LOSS=0.55pts.

Leeds v West Ham (Sep 25) - 2pts West Ham to win at 29/20 (Boylesports). PROFIT=2.9pts

Leicester v Burnley (Sep 25) - 1pt Both Teams To Score ‘NO’ at Evens (BetVictor). LOSS=1pt

Everton v Norwich (Sep 25) - 1pt Norwich or Draw at 29/20 (Mansion Bet). LOSS=1pt

Watford v Newcastle (Sep 25) - 1pt Newcastle to win at 23/10 (Bet365), 1pt Both Teams To Score at 10/11 (Mansion Bet). LOSS=0.09pts

Leyton Orient v Mansfield - Saturday Seven Nap (Sep 25) - 2pts Leyton Orient to win at 13/10 (William Hill). LOSS=2pts

Reading v Middlesbrough (Sep 25) - 2pts Both teams to score at 10/11 (Mansion Bet), 1pt John Swift to score anytime at 14/5 (Unibet). LOSS=3pts

Manchester United v Aston Villa (Sep 25) - 1pt Manchester United to win and Both Teams to Score at 19/10 (William Hill, BoyleSports), 0.5pt Danny Ings, Ollie Watkins, Cristiano Ronaldo & Bruno Fernandes 10+ shots on target combined at 9/1 (Sky Bet). LOSS=1.5pts

Chelsea v Manchester City (Sep 25) - 2pts Cesar Azpilicueta to have 3+ tackles at 21/20 (Ladbrokes), 1pt Cesar Azpilicueta to have 6+ tackles at 12/1 (Ladbrokes). LOSS=3pts

Mark O'Haire's best bets (Sep 25) - 3pts Under 2.5 Goals in Chelsea v Manchester City at 5/6 (Nap) (Mansion Bet), 1.5pts Both Teams to Score in Watford v Newcastle at 10/11 (Mansion Bet), 0.5pt Kurt Zouma to score a header in Leeds vs West Ham at 9/1 (SkyBet). PROFIT=3.36pts

Bundesliga tips (Sep 24) - 1pt e.w. Joshua Kimmich to score first in Greuther Fürth v Bayern Munich at 25/1 (bet365 1/3 1-99). PROFIT=7.33pts

West Brom v QPR (Sep 24) - 2pts Both teams to score at 8/11 (William Hill). PROFIT=1.45pts

Coventry v Peterborough (Sep 24) - 2pts Coventry to win at 7/10 (Bet 365), 1pt Coventry to win to nil at 2/1 (General). PROFIT=3.4pts

La Liga tips (Sep 21 - Sep 23) - 1.5pts Under 2.5 Goals in Levante v Celta Vigo at 10/11 (Sky Bet), 2pts Osasuna to beat Real Betis at 7/5 (William Hill, Unibet). LOSS=0.64pts

Ligue 1 tips (Sep 22) - 2pts Marseille to beat Angers at 6/5 (Mansion Bet), 1.5pts Nice to beat Lorient at 13/10 (Unibet), 1.5pts PSG to win to nil v Metz at 13/10 (BetVictor). LOSS=5pts

Carabao Cup third round (Sep 22) - 1.5pts 30+ booking points in Manchester United v West Ham at Evens (Sky Bet), 1.5pts Leicester to beat Millwall at 19/20 (Sky Bet). LOSS=0.08pts

Serie A tips (Sep 21-23) - 1.5pts Inter to beat Fiorentina at 19/20 (General), 1pt Roma to have Over 6.5 Corners v Udinese at 13/10 (Unibet). PROFIT=0.43pts.

Carabao Cup third round (Sep 21) - 1pt Curtis Jones to score anytime in Norwich v Liverpool at 5/1 (Betfred), 1pt Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to score anytime in Norwich v Liverpool at 19/5 (Unibet), 1pt Jamie Shackleton to score anytime in Fulham v Leeds at 11/1 (William Hill), 1pt Daniel James to score anytime in Fulham v Leeds at 18/5 (Unibet). LOSS=4pts

Beat The Market (Sep 25 - Sep 27) - 1pt Aston Villa or Draw v Manchester United at 21/10 (General), 1pt Brighton to beat Crystal Palace at 13/8 (Bet365). PROFIT=1.1pts

Tottenham v Chelsea (Sep 19) - 2.5pts Chelsea to win at 5/6 (Betfred), 1.5pts Chelsea to keep a clean sheet at 5/4 (General). PROFIT=3.96pts.

West Ham v Manchester United (Sep 19) - 1.5pts Manchester United 16+ total shots at 11/8 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=2.06pts.

Brighton v Leicester (Sep 19) - 1pt Brighton to beat Leicester at 9/5 (Betfair), 1pt Ryan Bertrand to have 4+ tackles at 11/2 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=0.8pts.

La Liga tips (Sep 19) - 2pts Under 2.5 Goals in Valencia v Real Madrid at 11/10 (Bet365). LOSS=2pts.

Aston Villa v Everton (Sep 18) - 1pt Richarlison to assist 1+ goals at 7/1 (Sky Bet) - VOID, 1pt Everton to win at 21/10 (General). LOSS=1pt

Bundesliga tips (Sep 18-19) - 1pt RB Leipzig to win and Over 2.5 Goals at 7/5 (bet365), 1pt Eintracht Frankfurt to beat Wolfsburg at 10/3 (bet365). LOSS=2pts.

Serie A tips (Sep 18 - Sep 20) - 1pt BTTS ‘NO’ in Salernitana v Atalanta at 20/21 (BetVictor), 1.5pts Napoli to beat Udinese at 19/20 (Unibet). PROFIT=2.39.

Ligue 1 tips (Sep 18 - Sep 19) - 1.5pts Lens to win Draw No Bet v Lille at 9/10 (Bet365), 1.5pts Nice to beat Monaco at 17/10 (General), 1pt PSG to win and Both Teams to Score v Lyon at 15/8 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=1.73.

Liverpool v Crystal Palace (Sep 18) - 1pt Joel Matip 1+ shots on target at 11/4 (Sky Bet), 0.5pt e.w Joel Matip to score first at 33/1 (General) (1/3 odds 1-99 places with Sky Bet) - ALL VOID. PROFIT/LOSS=0pts

Norwich v Watford (Sep 18) - 2pts Under 2.5 Goals at 4/5 (Mansion Bet), 1pt Norwich and Watford to DRAW at 12/5 (Unibet, Mansion Bet). LOSS=3pts

Manchester City v Southampton (Sep 18) - 1.5pts Manchester City to win and Over 3.5 Goals at 23/20 (Boylesports). LOSS=1.5pts

Burnley v Arsenal (Sep 18) - 0.5pt James Tarkowski to score anytime at 16/1 (General), 0.5pt Ben Mee to score anytime at 19/1 (Paddy Power/Betfair), 0.5pt Ben White to be shown a card at 8/1 (Bet 365). LOSS=1.5pts

Lincoln v Ipswich Saturday Seven Nap (Sep 18) - 2pts Both Teams To Score at 10/13 (Mansion Bet). LOSS=2pts

Hull v Sheff Utd (Sep 18) - 1pt Sheffield United to keep a clean sheet at 2/1 (Sky Bet). LOSS=1pt

Wolves v Brentford (Sep 18) - 2pts Pontus Jansson to have 2+ tackles at 6/4 (Sky Bet), 1pt Max Kilman to have 4+ tackles at 11/2 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=2pts

Newcastle v Leeds (Sep 17) - 1pt Leeds -1 on the corner handicap at 11/8 (BetVictor). LOSS=1pt

Rangers v Lyon (Sep 16) - 1pt Under 2.5 Goals at 6/5 (Unibet). PROFIT=1.2pts

Leicester v Napoli (Sep 16) - 1pt Both Teams To Score ‘NO’ at 29/20 (BetVictor). LOSS=1pt.

Rennes v Tottenham (Sep 16) - 1pt Tottenham to win at 29/20 (Coral, Ladbrokes). LOSS=1pt.

Real Betis v Celtic (Sep 16) - 1pt Real Betis to win and Under 3.5 Goals at 6/4 (Sky Bet). LOSS=1pt.

Dinamo Zagreb v West Ham (Sep 16) - 1pt Both Teams to Score 'No' at 13/10 (BetVictor). PROFIT=1.3pts

Liverpool v AC Milan (Sep 15) - 1pt AC Milan +3 on the corner handicap at 5/4 (Sky Bet). LOSS=1pt.

Inter Milan v Real Madrid (Sep 15) - 2pts Real Madrid to win Draw No Bet at 11/10 (General), 1pt Karim Benzema to score anytime at 8/5 (Unibet). PROFIT=1.2pts

Manchester City v RB Leipzig (Sep 15) - 1pt Manchester City to win and Under 3.5 Goals at 5/4 (Bet365, MansionBet). LOSS=1pt.

Championship best bets (Sep 15) - 1pt Both Teams To Score ‘NO’ in Stoke v Barnsley at 10/11 (Mansion Bet); 1pt Coventry and Cardiff to DRAW at 23/10 (Bet365, Unibet); 1pt Both Teams To Score ‘NO’ in Swansea v Millwall at 9/10 (BetVictor). LOSS=1.1pt.

Chelsea v Zenit (Sep 14) - 2pts Mateo Kovacic to have 2+ total shots at 11/10 (Sky Bet), 1pt Daler Kuzyaev to be shown a card at 13/5 (Betfair, Paddy Power). LOSS=3pts

Barcelona v Bayern Munich (Sep 14) - 2pts Bayern Munich to beat Barcelona at 21/20 (General), 1pt Alphonso Davies to have 1+ assists at 15/2 (Betfair). PROFIT=1.1pts

Young Boys v Manchester United (Sep 14) - 2pts Manchester United to win and Over 2.5 Goals at 10/11 (General). LOSS=2pts

Beat The Market (Sep 18) - 1pt DRAW in Norwich v Watford at 5/2 (Betfred), 1pt DRAW in Aston Villa v Everton at 5/2 (Betfred). LOSS=2pts

Everton v Burnley (Sep 13) - 1.5pts 11+ corners at 10/11 (Sky Bet). LOSS=1.5pts

La Liga best bets (Sep 12 - Sep 13) - 2pts Atlético Madrid to beat Espanyol at 19/20 (General), 2pts Getafe to beat Elche and Under 3.5 Goals in the match at 6/5 (Sky Bet). LOSS=0.1pt

Leeds v Liverpool (Sep 12) - 2pts Liverpool to win at 4/5 (Mansion Bet). PROFIT=1.6Pts

Nottingham Forest v Cardiff (Sep 12) - 1pt First goal to be a header at 9/2 (Sky Bet), 1pt Ryan Giles to assist a goal at 5/1 (Sky Bet), 0.5pt Ryan Giles to assist 2+ goals at 66/1 (Sky Bet). LOSS=1pt

RB Leipzig v Bayern Munich (Sep 11) - 1.5pts Bayern Munich to beat RB Leipzig at 6/5 (General), 1pt Leon Goretzka to score anytime at 8/1 (Sky Bet, BetVictor), 1pt Leon Goretzka to assist 1+ goals at 11/2 (Sky Bet). LOSS=0.2pts

Serie A best bets (Sep 11 - Sep 12) - 1pt BTTS ‘NO’ in Atalanta v Fiorentina at 31/20 (BetVictor), 1pt BTTS ‘NO’ in Sampdoria v Inter at 13/10 (BetVictor), 1pt BTTS ‘NO’ in AC Milan v Lazio at 7/4 (BetVictor). LOSS=0.25pts

Women's Super League tips (Sep 12) - 2pts Man City to win and Over 3.5 Goals in Man City v Tottenham at 5/6 (Sky Bet), 1.5pts Chelsea to win and Under 3.5 Goals in Chelsea v Everton at 11/10 (Sky Bet). LOSS=3.5pts

Chelsea v Aston Villa (Sep 11) - 2pts Chelsea to win to nil at evens (BetVictor). PROFIT=2pts

Ligue 1 best bets (Sep 11 - Sep 12) - 1.5pts PSG to win and Both Teams to Score at 17/10 (Boylesports), 2pts Nice to beat Nantes at 5/4 (General). PROFIT=1pt

Crystal Palace v Tottenham (Sep 11) - 1pt Conor Gallagher to have 4+ tackles at 7/4 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=1.75pts

Leyton Orient v Oldham Saturday Seven nap (Sep 11) - 2pts Leyton Orient to beat Oldham at 5/6 (General). PROFIT=1.67pts

Manchester United v Newcastle (Sep 11) - 1.5pts Mason Greenwood to score anytime at 13/8 (Sky Bet, Betvictor). LOSS=1.5pts

Brentford v Brighton (Sep 11) - 2pts Both Teams to Score at evens (General). LOSS=2pts

Leicester v Manchester City (Sep 11) - 2pts Manchester City to win and Under 3.5 Goals at 7/5 (William Hill, Betfair). PROFIT=2.8pts

Arsenal v Norwich (Sep 11) - 1pt Over 10.5 Corners at 10/11 (Bet365). PROFIT=0.91pts

Watford v Wolves (Sep 11) - 1pt Wolves to win at 13/10 (General). PROFIT=1.3pts

Southampton v West Ham (Sep 11) - 1.5pts West Ham or Draw Double Chance and Over 2.5 Goals at 17/10 (Betway), 1pt Michail Antonio to assist a goal at 7/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair), 1pt Pablo Fornals to score anytime at 9/2 (Paddy Power, Betfair). LOSS=3.5pts

Mark O'Haire's best bets (Sep 11 - Sep 12) - 3pts Chelsea to beat Aston Villa and Under 3.5 Goals in the match at 10/11 (Nap) (Sky Bet), 1.5pts Atlético Madrid to beat Espanyol at Evens (Betfair Exchange), 0.5pt Crystal Palace to win by exactly one goal at 5/1 (Betfair Sportsbook). PROFIT=3.37pts

Beat The Market (Sep 11) - 1pt Norwich or Draw v Arsenal at 17/10 (General), 1pt Brighton to beat Brentford at 9/5 (General), 1pt West Ham to beat Southampton at 7/5 (Unibet). LOSS=0.2pts

Birmingham v Derby (Sep 10) - 1pt Birmingham to win and Under 3.5 Goals at 7/5 (Boylesport). PROFIT=1.4pts

Northern Ireland v Switzerland (Sep 8) - 2pts Switzerland to win and Under 3.5 Goals at 5/4 (Mansion Bet). LOSS=2pts

Wales v Estonia (Sep 8) - 2pts Gareth Bale to outscore opposition at Evens (Sky Bet). LOSS=1pt

Poland v England (Sep 8) - 1.5pts Luke Shaw to have 3+ tackles at 9/4 (Sky Bet), 1pt Kamil Jozwiak to have 4+ tackles at 5/1 (Sky Bet), 0.5pts Declan Rice, Kalvin Phillips, Jakub Moder and Grzegorz Krychowiak to make 18+ tackles between them at 100/1 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=1.88pts

Austria v Scotland (Sep 7) - 1pt Both Teams To Score 'NO' at 17/20 (BetVictor). PROFIT=0.85pts

Republic of Ireland v Serbia (Sep 7) - 1pt Over 2.5 Goals at 11/8 (Sky Bet). LOSS=1pt

Bolton v Burton (Sep 6) - 1pt Antoni Sarcevic to score anytime at 7/1 (Unibet), 0.5pt Half-time score 1-1 at 15/2 (Sporting Index). LOSS=1.5pts

Brazil v Argentina (Sep 5) - 3pts Under 2.5 Goals at 8/13 (General). VOID BET.

England v Andorra (Sep 5) - 2pts Under 5.5 Goals at 10/13 (Mansion Bet); 1.5pts Highest Scoring Half - Second Half at 10/11 (bet365). PROFIT=2.9pts

Belarus v Wales (Sep 5) - 1pt Gareth Bale to score and Wales to win at 6/4 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=1.5pts

Scotland v Moldova (Sep 4) - 2pts Scotland to win and Over 2.5 Goals in the match at 17/20 (Betway). LOSS=2pts

Ukraine v France (Sep 4) - 1.5pts Both Teams To Score at 6/5 (General), 1pt France win and Both Teams to Score at 10/3 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=0.8pts

Republic of Ireland v Azerbaijan (Sep 4) - 3pts Republic of Ireland to win at 13/20 (Bet365). LOSS=3pts

Bradford v Walsall - Saturday Seven Nap (Sep 4) - 2pts Bradford City to beat Walsall at 5/6 (Sky Bet). LOSS=2pts

Women's Super League (Sep 3-5) - 1pt Reading or draw in Man Utd v Reading at 3/1 (Paddy Power), 1pt Man City to win and BTTS in Everton v Man City at 13/8 (Sky Bet), 1pt Chelsea to win and under 3.5 goals in Arsenal v Chelsea at 11/4 (Sky Bet). LOSS=3pts

Hungary v England (Sep 2) - 1pt England to win and under 3.5 goals at 21/20 (Betway). LOSS=1pt

Sweden v Spain (Sep 2) - 1pt Draw/Spain in the half time/full time market at 18/5 (General). LOSS=1pt

Lithuania v Northern Ireland (Sep 2) - 1pt Under 1.5 Goals at 7/4 (Betfair Sportsbook). LOSS=1pt

Denmark v Scotland (Sep 1) - 1pt Both Teams To Score at 7/5 (MansionBet). LOSS=1pt

Portugal v Rep of Ireland (Sep 1) - 1pt Portugal to win both halves at 9/5 (William Hill). LOSS=1pt


Ryder Cup specials (Sep 24-26) - 2pts Sergio Garcia to hit opening Europe tee-shot at 6/1 (bet365); 1pt Tommy Fleetwood to hit opening Europe tee-shot at 10/1 (bet365); 5pts Bryson DeChambeau under 2.5 points at 8/13 (Paddy Power); 2pts Dustin Johnson over 2.5 points at 13/8 (Sky Bet); 1pt Scottie Scheffler to be Bryson DeChambeau's first partner at 9/2 (William Hill). PROFIT=16.12pts

Ryder Cup (Sep 24-26) - 1pt USA to beat Europe 17-11 at 14/1 (William Hill, bet365); 1pt USA to beat Europe 16.5-11.5 at 14/1 (Sky Bet); 4pts Jon Rahm to be the top combined points scorer at 8/1 (General); 1pt Xander Schauffele to be the top combined points scorer at 18/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair); 4pts Justin Thomas to be the top USA scorer at 7/1 (888sport, Coral, Ladbrokes); 1pt Collin Morikawa to be the top USA scorer at 10/1 (Sky Bet); 4pts Jon Rahm to be the top European points scorer at 7/2 (General); 1pt Shane Lowry to be the top European points scorer at 12/1 (General). PROFIT=1pt

Fortinet Championship final round - 2pts win Max Homa in Fortinet Championship at 9/1 (General); 1pt e.w. Scott Piercy in Fortinet Championship at 66/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4). PROFIT=16pts

Fortinet Championship (Sep 16-19) - 3pts e.w. Will Zalatoris at 28/1 (William Hill 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8); 1pt e.w. Chez Reavie at 66/1 (Sky Bet, Betfred 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8); 1pt e.w. Doug Ghim at 70/1 (Betfred 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8); 1pt e.w. Taylor Pendrith at 100/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8); 1pt e.w. Sepp Straka at 100/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8); 0.5pt e.w. Andrew Landry at 250/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8). LOSS=15pts

KLM Open (Sep 16-19) - 2pts e.w. Joost Luiten at 30/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7); 1pt e.w. Brandon Stone at 60/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7); 1pt e.w. Joakim Lagergren at 70/1 (Betfred 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7); 1pt e.w. Lee Slattery at 150/1 (Betfred 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7); 1pt e.w. Gavin Green at 250/1 (Coral, Ladbrokes 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7). LOSS=12pts

BMW PGA Championship (Sep 12) - 1pt e.w Bernd Wiesberger at 14/1 (Betfair, Paddy Power 1/5 1,2,3,4); 0.5pt e.w Nicolai Hojgaard at 50/1 (Betfair, Paddy Power 1/5 1,2,3,4); 0.5pt e.w Aaron Rai at 125/1 (Sky Bet 1/4 1,2,3). LOSS=4pts

BMW PGA Championship (Sep 9-12) - 1pt e.w. Christiaan Bezuidenhout at 33/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8); 1pt e.w. Branden Grace at 40/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8); 1pt e.w. Henrik Stenson at 45/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8); 1pt e.w. Sam Horsfield at 60/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8). LOSS=0.4pt

TOUR Championship: Final round (Sep 5) - 2pts win Jon Rahmn to win the Tour Championship at 7/5 (General); 2pts Sergio Garcia to beat Cameron Smith in two-ball at 23/20 (BetFred). LOSS=4pts

Italian Open: Final round (Sep 5) - 1pt e.w Edourdo Molinari without the 'big three' at 16/1 (Sky Bet - 1/4 1,2,3). 1pt e.w Victor Perez at 22/1 (General - 1/5 1,2,3). LOSS=2.3pts

Solheim Cup (Sep 4-6) - 2pts Nelly Korda to be top American scorer at 9/2 (Sky Bet, William Hill); 1pt Nelly Korda to be top overall scorer at 7/1 (Sky Bet); 2pts Anna Nordqvist to be top European scorer at 7/1 (General). LOSS=5pts

TOUR Championship (Sep 2-5) - 4pts Rory McIlroy lowest 72-hole score at 12/1 (General); 2pts e.w. Scottie Scheffler lowest 72-hole score at 25/1 (Betfair, Paddy Power 1/4 1,2,3,4,5); 1pt e.w. Jason Kokrak lowest 72-hole score at 45/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5); 1pt e.w. Sergio Garcia lowest 72-hole score at 45/1 (Betfair, Paddy Power 1/4 1,2,3,4,5). LOSS=12pts

Italian Open (Sep 2-5) - 3pts win Tommy Fleetwood at 18/1 (General); 1.5pts e.w. Francesco Molinari at 40/1 (Coral, Ladbrokes 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8); 1pt e.w. Martin Kaymer at 50/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7); 1pt e.w. Thomas Pieters at 60/1 (Unibet 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6); 1pt e.w. Min Woo Lee at 80/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7); 1pt e.w. Nicolas Colsaerts at 150/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6,7); 0.5pt e.w. Alvaro Quiros at 350/1 (Unibet 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6). LOSS=15pts


Vitality Blast Finals Day (Sep 18) - 2pts Kent to win the Vitality Blast at 3/1 (Betway). PROFIT=6pts

England v India fifth Test (Sep 10-14) - 3pts India to beat England at 2/1 (bet365); 2pts Dawid Malan to make a first-innings fifty at 9/4 (Coral, Ladbrokes); 1pt Dawid Malan top England first-innings batsman at 11/2 (Coral, Ladbrokes); 1pt Cheteshwar Pujara to make a first-innings century at 8/1 (Sky Bet); 1pt Cheteshwar Pujara to be Man of the Match at 16/1 (Sky Bet); 1pt Ravindra Jadeja to be Man of the Match at 16/1 (Sky Bet). VOID

England v India fourth Test (Sep 2-6) - 3pts India to beat England at 13/8 (bet365); 2pts Dawid Malan to make a first-innings fifty at 9/4 (Betway); 1pt Dawid Malan top England first-innings batsman at 11/2 (General); 1pt Rohit Sharma to make a first-innings century at 7/1 (Sky Bet); 1pt Rohit Sharma to be Man of the Match at 12/1 (bet365). PROFIT=12.88pts

England v India Test series (Aug 4-Sept 14) - 3pts Mohammed Shami top India series bowler bowler at 5/1 (Unibet); 2pts Jos Buttler top England series batsman at 14/1 (Unibet). LOSS=5pts


Laver Cup (Sep 24-26) - 1pt Team World to win the Laver Cup at 12/5 (Unibet); 1pt John Isner to be top Team World points-scorer at 7/1 (Betfred); 0.5pt John Isner to be top tournament points-scorer at 25/1 (Betfred); 1pt Alex Zverev to be Team Europe points-scorer at 100/30 (Betfred). LOSS=3.5pts

Moselle Open (Sep 20-26) - 2pts win Gael Monfils in the Moselle Open at 9/1 (Betfred); 0.5pt e.w. Arthur Rinderknech in the Moselle Open at 33/1 (Betfred); 0.5pt e.w. Vasek Pospisil to the Moselle Open at 25/1 (General). LOSS=4pts

Astana Open (Sep 20-26) - 2pts win Ilya Ivashka in the Astana Open at 5/1 (Sky Bet, Betfred); 0.5pt e.w. Ricardas Berankis in the Astana Open at 28/1 (Betfred). LOSS=3pts

US Open day 14 (Sep 12) - 1pt no tie-break in Novak Djokovic v Daniil Medvedev at 7/4 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=1.75pts

US Open day 13 (Sep 11) 1pt Leylah Fernandez to beat Emma Raducanu at 6/4 (General). LOSS=1pt

US Open day 12 (Sep 10) 1pt Daniil Medvedev to beat Felix Auger-Aliassime 3-0 at 6/5 (Betfair), 2pts Alex Zverev (-4.5) to win aces handicap v Novak Djokovic at 5/6 (Sky Bet), 0.5pt Alex Zverev to beat Novak Djokovic at 21/10 (William Hill). PROFIT=2.37pts

US Open day eleven (Sep 9) 1pt Leylah Fernandez to beat Aryna Sabalenka at 11/4 (BoyleSports). PROFIT=2.75pts

US Open day ten (Sep 8) - 2pts Belinda Bencic to beat Emma Raducanu at 8/11 (General), 1pt Matteo Berrettini to win a set v Novak Djokovic at evens (bet365). LOSS=1pt

US Open day nine (Sep 7) - 2pts under 39.5 games in Felix Auger-Aliassime v Carlos Alcaraz at 5/6 (General); 1pt Leylah Fernandez to beat Elina Svitolina at 21/10 (BetVictor, William Hill). PROFIT=2.1pts

US Open day eight (Sep 5) - 2pts Karolina Pliskova to beat Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova at 7/10 (Unibet); 1.5pts over 32.5 games in Alex Zverev v Jannik Sinner at 5/6 (bet365); 0.5pt Jannik Sinner to beat Alex Zverev at 9/2 (General). PROFIT=2.15pts

US Open day seven (Sep 5) - 1pt Elise Mertens to beat Aryna Sabalenka at 12/5 (bet365); 1.5pts Peter Gojowczyk (+6.5) to beat Carlos Alcaraz on the game handicap at 5/6 (BetVictor). LOSS=2.5pts

US Open day six (Sep 4) - 1pt Gael Monfils to beat Jannik Sinner at 7/5 (General), 1pt Anett Kontaveit to beat Iga Swiatek at evens (Betfair, Paddy Power, bet365), 1pt first-set tie-break in Ilya Ivashka v Matteo Berrettini at 16/5 (Coral, Ladbrokes), 0.5pt first-set tie-break in Alex Zverev v Jack Sock at 5/1 (bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes). PROFIT=0.70pts

US Open day five (Sep 3) - 1.5pts Sloane Stephens to beat Angelique Kerber at 11/8 (General); 0.5pt Sloane Stephens to beat Angelique Kerber 2-0 at 3/1 (Unibet); 1pt Henri Laaksonen to beat Peter Gojowczyk 3-0 at 3/1 (Unibet). LOSS=3pts

US Open day four (Sep 2) - 1.5pts Over 37.5 games in Kei Nishikori v Mackenzie McDonald at 17/20 (William Hill); 1pt Steve Johnson (+4.5) to beat Gael Monfils on the game handicap at 4/5 (General); 1.5pts Fiona Ferro (+5.5) to beat Iga Swiatek on the game handicap at evens (Sky Bet, Unibet); 0.5pt Fiona Ferro to beat Iga Swiatek at 9/2 (General). PROFIT=0.30pts

US Open day three (Sep 1) - 1.5pts Guido Pella (+5.5) to beat Frances Tiafoe on the game handicap at 19/20 (Unibet); 1pt Sloane Stephens to beat Coco Gauff at 41/20 (Unibet). PROFIT=0.55pts

US Open day two (Aug 31) - 1pt Both players to win a set in Andreas Seppi v Marton Fucsovics at 21/20 (William Hill); 1pt Sara Sorribes Tormo to beat Karolina Muchova at 13/10 (bet365, William Hill, Unibet); 1pt Over 37.5 games in Albert Ramos-Vinolas v Lucas Pouille at 22/25 (Unibet); 1pt Nikoloz Basilashvili to beat Sebastian Korda at 9/4 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=5.5pts

US Open day one (Aug 30) - 1pt first-set tie-break in Andrey Rublev v Ivo Karlovic at 3/1 (BetVictor, bet365); 1.5pts tie-break in Peter Gojowczyk v Ugo Humbert at 11/8 (Paddy Power, Betfair); 1pt Kamil Majchrzak to beat Emil Ruusuvuori at 15/8 (BetVictor, Betfred). LOSS=3.5pts

US Open Open Women's Singles (Aug 30-Sep 11) - 1pt e.w. Karolina Pliskova at 18/1 (Betfred - 1/2 1,2). 1pt e.w. Angelique Kerber at 40/1 (General - 1/2 1,2). 0.5pt e.w. Jessica Pegula at 66/1 (Betfred - 1/2 1,2). 1pt Paula Badosa to win the second quarter at 17/2 (Paddy Power, Betfair) LOSS=6pts

US Open Open Men's Singles (Aug 30-Sep 12) - 2pts win Daniil Medvedev at 17/4 (Unibet). 0.5pt e.w. Hubert Hurkacz at 80/1 (Betfair - 1/3 1,2). PROFIT=7.5pts


Joshua v Usyk (Sep 25) - 3pts Joshua-Usyk to go over 10.5 rounds at 11/10 (Paddy Power, Betfair); 0.5pt Joshua-Usyk to draw at 20/1 (General); 1pt Lawrence Okolie to win in rounds 3-4 at 9/4 (Sky Bet); 1pt Florian Marku to win by decision at 9/5 (Paddy Power, Betfair). PROFIT=6.85pts

Headingley Stadium (Sep 4) - 2pts Mauricio Lara to beat Josh Warrington at 5/4 (BetVictor); 1pt Conor Benn to win in rounds 7-12 at 5/2 (Sky Bet); 0.5pts Katie Taylor to win in rounds 6-10 at 6/1 (Sky Bet). LOSS=3.5pts


UFC 266 (Sep 25) - 2pts Alexander Volkanovski to win in R4, R5 or by decision at evens (Paddy Power, Betfair); 3pts Merab Dvalishvili to win in R3 or by decision at 10/11 (Paddy Power, Betfair); 1pt Jalin Turner to win by KO or submission at 11/4 (Paddy Power, Betfair). PROFIT=1.75pts

UFC Vegas 37 (Sep 18) - 3pts Anthony Smith vs Ryan Spann to last Under 2.5 Rounds at 5/6 (Sky Bet, bet365); 2pts Nikolas Motta to win by KO or Submission at 6/5 (VOID); 1pt Erin Blanchfield to win by KO or Submission at 21/10 (bet365). PROFIT=1.5pts

UFC Vegas 36 (Sep 4) - 3pts Darren Till to win by KO/TKO at 7/5 (Betvictor). 1.5pts - Modestas Bukauskas to win in round 3 or by Decision at 12/5 (PaddyPower/Betfair). 0.5pt - Modestas Bukauskas to win by Decision at 14/5 (PaddyPower/Betfair). LOSS=5pts


World Cup of Darts (Sep 9-11) - 2pts Belgium to win the World Cup at 15/2 (Paddy Power); 1pt e.w. Northern Ireland to win World Cup at 20/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair 1/2, 1,2); 1pt e.w. Australia to win the World Cup at 20/1 (Paddy Power, Betfair 1/2, 1,2); 0.5pts Canada to win quarter one at 12/1 (Sky Bet); 1pt Poland to win quarter four at 5/1 (Sky Bet, William Hill); 1pt Republic of Ireland, Austria & Spain to win first round matches at 4.77/1 (bet365). LOSS=8.5pts


Week Three (Sep 26) - 2pts Los Angeles Chargers (+6.5) to beat Kansas City Chiefs at Evens (General), 2pts Arizona Cardinals (-7.5) to beat Jacksonville Jaguars at 10/11 (General), 1pt New England Patriots (-1.5) to beat New Orleans Saints & Under 46.5 Total Match Points at 7/4 (Sky Bet), 1pt Justin Fields (Bears) to score 2+ Touchdowns at 14/1 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=1.68pts

Touchdown Value - Week 3 (Sep 26) - 1.5pts Marquise Brown to score anytime in Baltimore Ravens @ Detroit Lions at 15/8 (Betfair, Paddy Power), 1pt Cooper Kupp & Rob Gronkowski to both score a touchdown in Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Los Angeles Rams at 2.97/1 (Paddy Power), 1pt Daniel Jones & Cordarrelle Patterson to both score a touchdown in Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants at 15.41/1 (Paddy Power). LOSS=3.5pts

Week Two (Sep 19) - 2pts Kansas City Chiefs (-2) to beat the Baltimore Ravens at 5/6 (Sky Bet), 2pts New England Patriots (-6) to beat the New York Jets at 19/20 (Unibet), 1pt Denver Broncos (-6.5) to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars and Over 44.5 Total Match Points at 5/2 (Sky Bet), 1pt Kyler Murray & DeAndre Hopkins (Cardinals) both to score a touchdown at 11/4 (Sky Bet). PROFIT=1.65pts

Touchdown Value (Sep 19) - 1pt Jared Cook to score anytime in Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Chargers at 9/4 (Paddy Power), 1pt Tim Patrick to score anytime in Denver Broncos @ Jacksonville Jaguars at 11/4 (Paddy Power), 1pt Tyler Higbee to score anytime in Los Angeles Rams @ Indianapolis Colts at 27/10 (William Hill), 1pt Elijah Mitchell to score anytime in San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles at 6/4 (Sky Bet). LOSS=0.25pts

Week One (Sep 12) - 2pts San Francisco 49ers (-7.5) to beat Detroit Lions at 10/11 (General), 2pts Green Bay Packers (-3.5) to beat New Orleans Saints at 10/11 (General), 1pt Denver Broncos (-1.5) to beat New York Giants & over 43.5 total match points at 5/2 (Sky Bet), 1pt Trevor Lawrence (Jaguars) to score a touchdown at 11/4 (Paddy Power). LOSS=2.18pts

Week One touchdown scorers (Sep 12) - 1pt Kyler Murray & Derrick Henry to both score a touchdown at 2.32/1 (Paddy Power), 1pt Trey Sermon to score anytime at 5/2 (VOID), 1pt Jalen Hurts to score anytime at 12/5 (Betfred). LOSS=2pts

Long-term or antepost previews


Antepost Value Bet Antepost (Sep 18) - 1pt e.w. Snazzy Jazzy in Ayr Gold Cup at 33/1 (General 1/5 1,2,3,4,5). LOSS=2pts


Irish Greyhound Derby (Aug 13 - Sep 18) - 1pt e.w. Ballymac Ariel at 25/1 (Betfred 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6), 1pt e.w. Priceless Jet at 50/1 (Betfred 1/5 1,2,3,4,5,6). LOSS=4pts

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